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A Thought Experiment

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    Consider a thought experiment for a moment that hopefully does not violate Physics Forums rules...

    A sphere is coated with a thin unexposed photographic film, the sphere is placed in a dark room and exposed to an external environment of point sources of light. The film is developed and has recorded an image of these point sources of light of the sphere's external radiation environment that it was exposed to in the image exposure origin.

    Consider a newly generated spherical Universe at Planck Time with a thin unexposed perfectly smooth surface without any quantum fluctuations and that is extremely sensitive to external radiation sources similar to the sphere with a surface of unexposed photographic film, which has now imaged the external Multiverse radiation environment that it formed within as small quantum fluctuations.

    These small quantum fluctuations mirror themselves internally within the newly generated spherical Universe and eventually result in the evolution of the large scale internal structures of the Universe.

    What are the possibilities that the Universe's Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation is a quantum recorded image of the external Multiverse radiation which became the Universe's external environmental radiation at genesis?
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    Care to explain why there are no quantum fluctuations at first and how this "multiverse" managed to interact with our newborn universe through normal radiation yet cannot be detected now?
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    Well, how about pair production in the multiverse?

    That is to say, a 4D white hole and black hole pair form in a higher dimensional space.

    Because they are pair produced, they exist in perfect equilibrium at t=0. No quantum fluctuations.

    They would interact with their surroundings but the white hole would feed the black hole (us) so the black hole gets bigger and bigger. This would produce the appearance of inflation. When it gets to a tipping point, the white hole is now the black hole and the black hole is now the white hole, they become one "bubble" in the multiverse. At this point, the bubble is formed and can no longer be causally affected by fluctuations in the rest of the multiverse.

    That would manifest as the "surface of last scattering"/the end of inflation. This would give off the appearance of a standalone 4D universe which has an "imprint" proportioning everything (the original quantum fluctuations imaged by the horizon).

    I thought this through much more before but I forget most of the intricacies. Apologies.

    OP please give my thread in this forum a thought too. I was thinking along literally the exact same lines. Nice to see I'm not alone at all.
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