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A thought-inducing movie.

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    I saw "Ghost in the Shell" recently, it is a Japaneese animation and in it there are two people who are both main characters. Anyway, both have almost no remaining body parts that they were born with, all of it has been replaced with mechanical or robotic parts. But the chacter mentions her "ghost" in the movie, which I think she means as a soul.

    The question I wanted to ask is, if you'll assume humans have souls, is when do you think the soul leave the body and go to heaven/hell/puragatory/reincarinated body/ect? Would a certain body part be associated with our souls staying with us?
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    When the soul leaves the body, it completely leaves the body. However, in Christian belief, the soul comes back into the body at a later time. After all, it seems foolish for God to give us a body that we only *use* for 70 or so years and then throw away.
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    Dekoi, the idea of the soul leaving the body is a Greek one, that was picked up by the early Christians. Many of the statements in St. Paul, for example, imply that the dead are in some way asleep, and that they will be waked at the end. This is more in the line of Jewish thought in which he had been trained, where the whole body is inseparable, and lives or dies as one.
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    Jewish belief regarding the soul and body at the time of passing is that what ever part of the soul that has prepared in this world by attempting to achieve closeness to A Higher Power will leave as that Higher Power comes at the moment of death to receive that part of the soul. The rest of the soul or consciousness that was not refined above the earthly desires of the physical realm remains with the body and DOES (according to Jewish belief) experience discomfort in the grave. At such a time of a resurrection the soul taken by the Shechinah ( the female part of G-d )at the time of death and kept in a waiting state will be reconnect to the body (that it never severed from) to a body of a healthy 20 year old. The last and most refined body of as many as 4 incarnations will be reconstructed by the only bone that will remain. The luz bone located at the bottom of the spine.
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    If I were to assume that humans have souls, I would imagine they would be housed in the brain. So you could replace any body part you wanted, organs, arms, legs, etc., and still have the soul intact.
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    Good Morning,
    It would be reasonable to assume that some kind of central control would be located in the brain, but if awareness of the body comes though the brain then how are we to consider the feelings of phantom limbs in the place of severed ones, taking into consideration the advances made in neurophysiology and what about the photo's taken of leaves where half have been cut away and a shimmering image of the missing half remains on the film.
    I am not claiming to know WHAT it is, but something must be animating physicality on all levels.
    I do not to intend so suggest philosophy or religion, but perhaps it can be explained through science. If not today...in the hopeful near future.
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    I dont know anything about what you are saying about leaves but the phantom limb thing (im dont really know that much about brain ailments and it isnt a disease so i dont know what to call it) is where, in humans at least, part of the body is cut off. The part of the brain that controls the feelings for that part of the body is like "wtf" and goes out looking , trying to find what happened to the electric currents that the limb has been giving to it(prior to the amputation). The part of the brain eventually goes over to another "receptor" and begins to get its electric currents from there. So when you touch that part of your body it sends the current up to the brain and both receptors get it. That is the current theory on why ppl have phantom limb thing. The example that I know of is that some guy got his arm cut off and feels it whenever he shaves. pretty weird. i am sorry that i dont have any links to other websites to back up what i am saying, but i did get most of this information from "Nova" a television show.
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    Thank you.
    Good Day!
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