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A Touching True Christmas Story

  1. Dec 31, 2003 #1
    Folks, tell me you can read this without crying

    http://xtremepaintballcanada.com/vancouver/forums/index.php?act=ST&f=52&t=1583& [Broken]

    EDIT: I updated the link. The site appears to be back up now
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  3. Dec 31, 2003 #2
    http://xtremepaintballcanada.com/vancouver/forums/index.php?showtopic=1544&st=0 [Broken]

    It was nice.

    I don't know, he bought the kid a toy.
    But it was nice.
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  4. Dec 31, 2003 #3
    Maybe I am just too cynical.

    What I see in this story is a comment on everyone else.

    It makes me sad that this guy going out of his way to buy a toy for a kid and make a nice gesture is hailed up as some heroic action.

    I wish that it weren't such a big deal because it is something that happens all the time.

    I think it was a nice thing he did.
    I wish more people did nice things.

    We have this sh1t backwards.

    We are all so jaded to all the crap around us that if someone killed this kid it would be less shocking than someone buying him a present.

    I don't see this act as hope for the future, rather I see the reaction to it as hopelessness for the future.
  5. Dec 31, 2003 #4
    no he did a lot more than that. He got in touch with some friends in the medical field and had an entire medical team(or at least had a part in it) in helping this kid out. It's not about the stupid x-box.
    You need to read more than the first page.
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    Yeah, I noticed that, too, Zantra. It's WAY cool. I cried. (But I cry over Hallmark commercials, so...):wink:
  7. Jan 1, 2004 #6
    I'm glad someone read more into it. Apparently this guy is not only a web developer but a medical professional. The kid needs a gamma knife procedure to remove a menigioma(brain tumor). He is very much into paintball, but too sick to play. The website owner got a team of specialists to come to the kids house, and fly him to a hospital for the best medical care. While this was all taking place he had several grand mal siezures, but he seems to be ok for now.

    I'm as cynical as they come, but this story touched me. The owner(he goes by sierra) did all this aside from the x-box, and isn't taking donations- he's apparently paying for it out of his own pocket. I see tons of scams online all the time, but this seems geniune. So far he's recieved over 100 pages of posts from people all over the world who have nothing to do with paintball giving words of encouragement.

    Having a 9 year old daughter, this touched me, and those of you have kids(not many here I'm sure) would be touched as well. Some of you are probably even his age. I'd just encourage you to stop by and post a few words of encouragement to this young boy who is spending his holidays in a pediatric ICU recovering from seizures and in intense pain. The prognosis is 6 months to live- he's terminal.

    Have a heart, post some words of encouragement.
  8. Jan 1, 2004 #7
    site is down right now from too much traffic. try the link later
  9. Jan 1, 2004 #8


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    It's down at 3:00 a.m. pacific time? From too much traffic? That would be a GOOD thing, right?
  10. Jan 1, 2004 #9
    It's been less than 5 days and there are almost 1000 replies. They downed the server to do some updates. I guess this thing is outta hand
    I will repost the first entry at the site so people can see.

    posted by fruit_loops dec 26 2003:

    I am posting this on behalf of my son whom you see coming to visit this great site as fruit_loops. My son is 13 years old and very sick. He wants to play paintball but his disease wouldn't allow him. His friends play paintball while he is left at home in the mercy of pain.

    Ever since he registered with this great site, no day would pass without him checking what's new with paintball in Canada. He reads them, both of us actually, and finds fun in reading them. He loves clicking on the flags to change provincial locations. He boasts of being able to know what's happening in paintball in different provinces just by clicking the flags. He loves looking at your markers tirelessly in the showcase.

    2 nights ago, he checked the Live Chat feature but I remember him saying nobody was online. Then suddenly "Welcome" was sounded from his speakers. It was the Support Crew. Then they started chatting. The guy from the other end asked him how he was doing and my little man answered, "I have a headache". I remember the guy asking him questions about how frequent his headache occurs, what type of pain, what his age was and whether he has seizures. My son answered them truthfully. Then, the guy asked him if he was taking medicines and if he is, what medicines were they. My son listed his medicines then suddenly the guy said ... "You must be very sick buddy. Are you on chemo?" I started to wonder, how come a computer guy can be conversant in the medical field, too. Their conversation became so interesting until the guy said: "Correct me if I'm wrong and you may not answer my question if you wish. Did your doctor tell you that your seizures is caused by meningioma?" That totally stopped my heart and my suspicion that he might be a medical professional was proven right. A computer guy knows medical diagnosis just by interviewing? I thought, only kids use this site.

    The guy asked my son if he can ask permission from me to phone him. Thinking why not, I gave our number. We had a chat and he was such a nice guy. Changing topics, he asked what presents he received for Christmas. Then asked my son what he wanted that he didn't get. He replied: "xbox. My nintendo is too old". The guy casually said, you'll have it pretty soon, don't worry. My 13-year old kid replied: I will work for it when I get well.

    About 1 'o clock this afternoon, a lady knocked on our door with a big gift nicely wrapped. I asked where it came from and she answered me: open the box when I leave. At the sight of the big present, my poor son whispered: "this is the biggest present I have ever received". The lady introduced herself as "Stacey". According to her, they got our address from our phone number then left while we were still at the door.

    When we opened the present, it's an XBOX! I found myself lost in tears while my son was so amused. I thought it was from a relative. It came complete with everything he needs: a wireless router, a wireless xbox adapter, 2 wireless controllers, 2 headsets, a prepaid xbox Live subscription for 1 year and 10 DVD games. More tears flowed from my eyes, I will never afford to buy my son these stuff. A card was enclosed: "This must be your missing gift. I hope this takes some of your pain away. It's all wireless so you won't bother getting up just to play. A technician will come by your place and hook you up with high-speed internet and make sure that you will be playing your xbox before the day ends. Tell your mom not to worry about anything. I already created your Gamer Tag and I will play online against you soon. Be sure to beat me. Get well buddy. Be strong. I'll always remember you. Pdx.Sierra (xtremepaintballcanada.com)". He was the guy my son had a chat with and must be one of the Support Crew.

    About 3 'o clock, the technician came and brought with him a high-speed modem and hooked my little man's xbox and fixed our computer. With just a phone call the technician made, we got upgraded from dial-up to broadband prepaid for one year. He played a game with him before he left. He requested to keep the identities of everyone involved.

    I'm in tears. I definitely am. We will never forget your kindness, sir. Please call us back. Thank you thank you. May the Lord help you and keep you safe always.

    To you all who participate in this site, thank you. You all help ease the pain and hardships my son is suffering day in and day out. Thank you. Happy holidays everyone.
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    I think the problem is with the link you posted. Go to one raven's post (the second in this thread) and click on TRY THIS. I got right to the site that way. Thanks for sharing this story.
  12. Jan 2, 2004 #11
    if you go http://xtremepaintballcanada.com/vancouver/forums/ [Broken] then click on the fruit_loops forum, you will find it
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  13. Jan 4, 2004 #12
    Actually, I sat and read every post in the first 9 or 10 pages of posts.

    I think maybe you missed my point.

    The fact that everyone is so amazed and shocked about a person doing something nice and selfless for another person is what I am talking about.

    The fact that it is such a surprise to people that A person could act in a generous and giving way just shows how rare it is.

    Like I said, I think it would have gotten less attention and less of a reaction if the kid was killed by a stranger.
    I think that is sad.
  14. Jan 4, 2004 #13
    ahhh.. now I gotcha:wink:

    It's a sad sad commentary on our times. But it's inspirational nonetheless. I think it's true that even though we're being connected through the internet, email, voicemail, cell phones, and more, we're more isolated than we've ever been. Do you know your next to neighbors? I don't. I've said maybe 5 words to them. Right now a sI'm typing, I know that people from over a dozen countries will read this, but yet I find it a strain at time to make conversation with a stranger, as do many I'm sure. In some ways, society has become to big, too isolated for it's own good.
  15. Jan 7, 2004 #14
    just a note to say that fruit_loops passed away 2 days ago.
  16. Jan 7, 2004 #15


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    Aw, crud.
    I've worked with children like him. It's so very painful. I would cry my eyes out every single day. I so much admire those who can work with them, and not let it rip them up the way it does me. They are my heros.
  17. Jan 7, 2004 #16


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    Aw, crud.
    I've worked with children like him. It's so very painful. I would cry my eyes out every single day. I so much admire those who can work with them, and not let it rip them up the way it does me. They are my heros.
  18. Jan 7, 2004 #17
    Here is his first post:

    hello evryone I'm fruit_loops and you know my life now
    I dint have headache since yesterday and my mom, my cousins, my oma and opa we are all very happy and proud. momma cried all afternoon and night and I invited all my friends to check out my xbox. it's rad. thank you for all your get well messages and I hope to recover soon. I can't answer them all so please excuse me. my fingers get numb when I type too much. I thought I should stop by to say how much I love paintball and say thank you to my unknown freind I found in the chat thing last xmas eve.

    I got visited by an oncologyst today here at home. she's a very fine lady doctor. she checked my eyes, my nerves, hammered my knees, and did all sorta stuff. she will work with my oncologyst to make a plan for my cancer. she said Sierra is her friend. I will visit her at the hospital on Monday very early morning where I will meet her team of doctors and the doctor who takes care of me now. BTW it's all okay now because I heard my doctor tell my mom not that long ago that I may only have 6 months. I have finished my chemo and my hairs start to grow. who knows I may have a longer time.

    you are all so nice. I hope I can play paintball when I get well. The doctor said if I get well, she'll bring me to shop for a paintball gun and some cool jersys. that's our deal. thanks for evrythin bros. thanks Stacey. thank you welchwatcher for stopping by all the way from your country. thank you to the americans who publishd my mommas letter and thank you to the ppl from calgary paintball. I read all your messages. thank you dinner, noobles, sleidon, echo, some_dude, colep., alphaecho and sirmorf and to all who appreciated sierra specialy from vancouver paintball. and to mr. technician for fixin my computer and hooking my xbox and for the hispeed internet. I will not miss the phone sound again when I go online.

    sierra you're so wonderful man. you made me forget my pain. I wish I will never take pain killers again. they make my tummy crazy and make me so weak. thank you for giving me my missing gift. I'd like to meet you. I'd also like to have your number so I can call you if possibl. please give me a message if you read this. thank you to all support crew. its hard to say who among you is online when I see you because you all have the same name.

    I love you all.
  19. Jan 7, 2004 #18
    And here is the recent post:

    For 10 days, his charisma filled the world and temporarily united all people from all nations. Not the use of any word will ever describe the immensity of his bravery. Known only as fruit_loops, the unknown soldier of the internet yet in real life he existed, he is our new icon of hope.

    With these words, I regret to inform you that we lost our little fighter at 1117H (Pacific Time) today, the 5th of January 2004. His recovery was cut short by the worst seizure he ever had that lasted more than 40 minutes despite emergency medical interventions. He is now resting in peace and rest assured, he will struggle no more from pain.

    Please accept our gratitude for all your time, your love and your prayers. xtremepaintballcanada.com will always be proud to have been selected by an unknown force to beam to the world the last 10-days of the life of our little fighter or our little man or our wee man as we all have been endeared to the existence of such terms.

    Let’s rally the world again one more time and give the family words of encouragement and support. Please go back to where you chanced on the story of our little fighter and post a statement of gratitude not only from us but make it from the world.

    If he touched your lives, please submit your post-scripts. In lieu of cards, flowers, gifts or donations to the family, please redirect them to a cancer research organization of your choice.

    Do remember the countless fruit_loops we have around the world. Respect their pain and sufferings, please.

    To the various men and women and institutions who fought fruit_loops’ battle alongside with him, a thank you is all we can afford. Let’s keep God in our hearts.

    [In case you experience connection difficulties, please hold on a bit and retry again after a minute or so. Our servers are definitely overloaded and being choked with tremendous simultaneous connections. This will stabilize as we ease focus on his threads. Thank you for your understanding.]
  20. Jan 7, 2004 #19


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    thanks for the memories?
  21. Jan 7, 2004 #20
    This was fruit_loops last post:

    hey yall. I feel so importent. I am usin a computer with a gient screen on the wall and guys I read all your posts. wow I thank you all. I am in a room with 3 lady doctors and a guy doctor and we are all readin your msgs. they tell me lots of funny stories. momma has colds and my doctor says she cant come in my room yet. I just wave my hands. I dont kno what hapend but I must been sick. im alryt I guess but mommas eyes look like was cryin. I have 8 thousend emails and more comin awww how can I read em all. I talked to my freind sierra on the video screen and I seen how he looks like. I looked him straight and I cant say a word. my momma was just lookin at the screen and she started cryin again. I feel like cryin but I dont have tears anymore. I gotta drink more fruit juice I guess. guys you make me tough guy. please god let me live. I am ashamed to die because I have lots of freinds. sierra is not the same color as my skin. I asked him if he is canadien or american and he said neither but said I shouldnt care. I don't believe him but the doctors said his not. what a nice fella who helped me altho we're diffrent. he asked me what I wanted and I said I jus wanna hug him. he said he will fly to visit me as long as I keep up the fight. I asked him wat if I lose the fight and he said he will make me pay for everythin and no exepshun. I asked him where he gets his money to pay for everythin and he said he doesnt have the money but he has lotsof freinds. I said I shouldof nown him earlier so all of you guys should not have been bothered and he said nobody has control. he asked me what I would ask if I meet god. I will ask him why did he give me cancer. I asked if god was true and he said it depends on me. I dont know if I am mad at god for makin me sick but I hope he hears my prayers. it was a quick chat and before he went away I asked him his name and he said sierra thats how he wants me to kno him. he said I shouldof think of the ppl from the world who goes to my fave website to wish me get well not him. I told him to keep me as his friend and he said he will forever. he was so cool. he makes me think. nobody else calls him sierra exep for me and my momma and stacey and the techs. everybody else calls him sir. at one time I called him sir sierra and he said he didn't appreciate it so I called him mister sierra and he laughed. he speaks very good english. okay guys I will read your msgs and I will msg you again if I think of sumthin kinda like a story to tell ya. later.
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