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Homework Help: A tough question! not for everyone

  1. Aug 28, 2005 #1
    damn!.... it took me a total of 30 minutes to solve this problem.... too much for an IITian.
    Anywayz.. i would like to give this question to you, if you solve it within 30 minutes you're Great!
    If within 45 minutes, you're just fit for an IIT entrance exam.
    just try it.

    question- a point object of mass m, moving in a circular path of radius "r" with a uniform speed v1 is at x at t=0. at the same time a man starts moving with uniform speed v2 along y-axis from origin .
    Find the linear momentum of the object with respect to the man as a function of time.

    note- here x is any point lying on the x-axis such that it is the point lying on the circle. here the circular path is inscribed between "x" and the origin and lies on x-axis. so you can count r= x/2.
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    Seems straightforwards - find the momentum in the problem statement frame, then transform it to the specified moving frame. I assume this is non-relativistic, so you'd use the non-relativistic transform rathre than a Lorentz boost.

    What approach did you use? Maybe you should pretend you didn't actually solve the problem and post this to Homework help....
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    This is 2003 Physics IITJEE question,i believe.!
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