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A tribute to my budgie

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    Unfortunately he passed away this morning. I don't care for much sadness at the moment so it's much better celebrating his greatness. Always good natured, friendly, never bitten me (except for the first time) and always wanting to play. Completely adventurous with new toys and new places and never complained (via screaming like they do) about anything, just got on with it (whatever "it" was). I'd had him for 8 years or so since he was a baby and he's been in great health all the way through when others also unfortunately have died. The saddest part is that he didn't die in my familiar hands... he was just lying there on the floor of the cage when I saw him which I really wish I could have rectified. But I had no idea he was doing to die obviously and it was at like 6AM. At least he's had a long life and hopefully one he enjoyed too. He was really beautiful as well, so cute seeing him climb around in his cage throughout life. Anyway I realise this is rather selfish to keep going on about this but it's some sort of escape. Has anyone had similar experiences?
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    awww.. I'm sorry about the loss of your little friend. I've had many parakeets in my life and they were a lot of fun to have around. It's painful when you lose your pets, but I would rather endure the times of sadness than spend a life without animal friends. There are many animal lovers on PF and we understand what you are going through.

    That's cool that you got him as a baby. We used to have a lovebird that was crazy about my brother. When the mama bird laid eggs, she wasn't interested in taking care of them and it looked like only one was going to make it. My brother had the flu at the time, and was laid up on the couch with nothing to do, so he incubated the egg in his hand. When the little bird was born, he bonded with my brother right away. It was very cute!
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    Sorry for your loss. I've experienced the same thing with cats, as has Marlon. The budgie that I got for W's birthday a year ago absolutely hates both of us. It's a good thing that she doesn't speak English, because her swearing in Budgie-language is scary enough.
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    What color was he? I had an ice blue one.

    It's wonderful that you can think back on the wonderful, happy times. He sounds like he felt very loved and you will always carry those great memories with you. It sounds like he went quickly without suffering.
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    In college a very attractive young lady across the street had a typical green parakeet. He loved to sit on people's shoulders and preen their hair, but that was the extent of his talents at the time. On afternoons when she had late classes, I often went to her place to study and keep the bird a bit of company. His name was Baby, and I trained him to say it with a drawn out EEE sound on the end. He liked trying to nibble on my pencil or pen when I was doing problems, so I made a game out of that, tapping him on the beak with the pencil while backing him up, then tapping the pencil on the table as I moved it back to me while he tried to grab it. He got so excited about my visits that he would whistle when I came in, and like a fool, I taught him the wolf whistle. That backfired when he started stringing those together. Linda and her roommate were pretty dedicated feminists, and they were a little put out when Baby would give them a wolf whistle and "bay-beeeeee!" when they'd get home. He'd repeat it, if they didn't give him some attention. Cute bird. Since he really liked long hair, most anybody with long hair got that greeting when they entered the apartment, including most of their female friends and me.
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    Birds are great friends, I had to give up my last remaining peach faced love bird, when its mate died. Unbelievable, how she mourned. She now lives happy with 2 other older widowed love birds, and is doing very well.
    I'm very sorry for you loss.
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    I'm sorry for your loss. Feathered companions have always been a source of joy- people don't often realize how personable they can be. Well, despite the occasional maverick that seems to like everything but you. Even then they're often entertaining in their hostility. Bandages and yelping aside.

    He had a wonderful life as it's obvious you took great care with him.
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    Wow that's really interesting, I wouldn't have guessed that would have worked. So no need to tame that one then!

    He was green similar to this http://www1.istockphoto.com/file_th...tockphoto_2691122_yellow_and_green_budgie.jpg but a bit more yellowish-green. His black markings were really distinctive. Actually the budgie I have left is ice blue.

    Cool story. I love the way they preen each other, really nice to watch.

    Yeah the one I have left is not very happy. He's constantly chattering and flying about everywhere and screaming the same note again and again wanting him to come back. Very sad for him.

    lol yeah even when they're angry (not often) they're funny. Although I should probably be a bit more sensitive!

    Thanks for all the messages everyone.
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    Sorry to hear about your bird.It is so sad when pets die but at least it sounds like he lived a good life.
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