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A Very Brief Introduction

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    Hi everyone!

    I've enjoyed browsing through your forums here, and am very impressed by the standards of evidence you hold your members to here. I'm not used to them, so I'm going to wade in slowly, and will probably have relatively few posts for the next few months. Once fall semester comes around (I'll be attending SUNY-Buffalo), I'm sure I'll need to use the Homework sub-forums.

    For the moment though, I thought that I'd say hi.

    Oh, and a quick question. Is there a way to go to the first unread post in a thread?
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    Hi Perspicacity, welcome to PF! I hope you enjoy the forums.

    Hmm, good question about the posts. I'll have to look into that. But I have my account set up so that the newest post is on top...not sure how that will affect things.
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    I did find how to view the newest posts first in a thread, but I usually still have to go back through the thread and figure out where I left off. It's just something I've seen before on other forums.
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    To the left of the underlined title of each thread in a forum, there is a little "V" down-arrow thing. Hover over that, and you should see your answer!

    Welcome to the PF. What will you be studying at SUNY?
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    Thanks! That's exactly what I was looking for.

    I haven't declared a major yet, though I've been considering attempting a B.S. in either Physics or Mathematical Physics. I'm an older student, and am transferring from a community college, where I've taken Gen Ed courses for the most part.

    I actually was sort of surprised when I preferred my math and science courses to the literature courses I expected to enjoy. I've taken both Intro to Chemistry and Physics, and while I did well in both, I enjoyed physics the most. I'm also trying not to get my expectations up too high about my ability, however—I've heard community college doesn't really prepare you for a State University.
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    Hi there Perspicacity! :smile: I went the same route except that I went the mechanical engineering route. I was lucky and found that my CC prepared me very well; hopefully you will discover the same. Even still I have beat the HW forums to death and they still havent kicked me out yet :wink:

    Hope to see you around,
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