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Homework Help: A very easy Pendulum.Give me advice

  1. Apr 13, 2012 #1
    A very easy Pendulum.Give me advice!!

    Recently I and my teacher worked on this lab report to the simple pendulum and that we did an play around where we boosted the max theta about the increments of 5 diplomas, while keeping how big the sting exactly the same. We started following a 5 degrees and frequented 45 degrees. In some manner the periods manage to increase slighty once we increase the limit theta. I am already wondering if it is because the drag force or if that our mistake. I think we should have a similar period independent as the angle because i was told that T=2π √(L/g) as well as proved this. As the period, T depends the free autumn accelleration and the amount of the string, that doesn't change throughout my business experiment, shouldnt that time for all max angles the actual same? I am thinking that air resistance comes in, but I am unsure how. We haven't discovered that yet and because this is my first physics class ever and i'm very stumped. Interesting help? Plz pm me or reply.Maybe u get rewarded.
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    Re: A very easy Pendulum.Give me advice!!


    this link might help you.and yes air resistance may be among other factors.

    you should expect around 4% deviation at 45 degrees,as compared to the small angle formula
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