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A very Hawking experience

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    The current bidder when I checked, bidded $21,000 to be weightless with Steven Hawking!!!!!

    Someone's making some money on this!
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    "100% of the proceeds from this auction will benefit Starlight Starbright Children's Foundation."

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    What I find interesting is not that the bid is $21.3k--

    -what I find interesting is that over 47000 have viewed the auction

    (number near bottom of page)

    (From what I've seen, the average for the 'viewed' on a general item may be around 50-150)
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    probably got listed on digg or fark
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    Cool, guess I should pay more attention.
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    Starlight Starbright is a wonderful foundation! :!!)

    I hope they get a lot of money on this!
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    It is up to 25K now

    A flight with out Steven is only $3500, I thought it would be more.
    It is going for a good cause so, get bidding.
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    If you had a chance to choose an 'experience' (let's not get too weird here) with someone-----

    who (someone that is still living) would it be?

    what would it be?


    how much would you pay for the experience?
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    I went through a few before deciding that I would like to meet with Professor Sheldon Glashow for a day and I'd give a week's pay for the meeting.
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    http://www.ettoremajorana.it/Majorana/index.html" in the case he is still around.:cool:
    There's not much of a real chance for our meeting to take place but he would be my first pick.

    Price?Well,I wouldn't mind spending $50 000 for one hour chatting with him.
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    Mrs. Houdini probably spent more than that with no luck.
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    I think they should award one seat to a kid!
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    Well--it ended up good for the www.starlight.org --good for them

    I just clicked the link and---

    the ended listing on ebay disappeared!

    The end was over 70K ---I wonder what happened?--hmmm?
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