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A Viper vs Veyron post

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    This comes from a problem originated between a friend and me this morning looking at this test info: http://www.roadandtrack.com/assets/download/0-200_Data.pdf.pdf [Broken]

    We were trying to calculate how many distance there are between the Viper and the Veyron when the first hits 200 mph (to get the image if both cars were doing a drag race togheter).

    We were unable to calculate that distance, and futhermore, after deducting that at 100 mph the Veyron is 540.9 feet away from the start, where the Viper is 532 feet away, came a surprise: the measured 0-100 mph time!

    Being the Veyron 1.1 sec faster to that speed, how is it possible to have only a difference that is roughly half a car?? I mean, if both were drag racing togheter, is the difference half a car or a lot more (1.1 sec is a lot of distance at that speed)?

    Thanks for all responses.
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    Actually, you don't have to calculate that figure. They measured it and reported it on page 3 in the figure entitled "Speed (& Position) of Other Cars When Viper hits 200 mph". There is 110.9 feet between them with the Veyron in the lead.

    If you are doing some sort of calculation on this data you must realize that the acceleration is not constant, so you cannot use the usual Physics 101 formulas.
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