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A Vision Of Two Years Ago

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    Two years ago I had a vision in which a vine streched to the sky. It was thin and yet it went straight up much like the beanstalk. It should have not been able to be that high and that thin defying physics and yet it did. I stepped back and so did my in law who was also part of the dream. She grabbed the vine and swung it in defiance and suddenly it shot up into the sky. We both stepped back and a stone tower was errected around it and streched upward. People went to visit the tower and yet they did not understand. There was great disappoinment in myself that they did not understand. This will come to pass. It will be proven that precognition is a reality and it will happen not that far off. This and more is comming. More than any of you that think you know your names, I know this better. Gave this vision to a forum member some time ago when I was searching for what to do with any of them. You wanted a vision some time back, now you have one. I am saying it will come to pass and science will recognize it.

    To go with this vision was others and some of them also happend already. One was a simple class C vision. Sometimes they are the precurser to the bigger ones or the ender or the seal. What will be your reactions when it occurs. Ah I ask questions with the answers I already know. What do you think you reactions will be? How can you see a future that does not exist? You are contained in you are you not? LoL
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    For those who are not video game players, what this (wo)man experienced was not a vision. It was Nintendo's newest game for the Game-Polylateral. this game is called "Mario and the really funky Mushroom!" :yuck:

    you use a lot of big words in your post but from my perspective is doesnt mean a lot. "you are contained within yourself, are you not?" to me that sounds a little bit repeative. I do agree with some of the stuff that you put but i can't see your post right now, so i will post and then edit.

    ok bac, the only thing that i agree with is that i think that the names that ppl are assigned are stupid. i think that it is a good idea for Catholics and Wiccans( there may be more but i dont know any more) to adopt another name when they are performing certain ceremonies.both of these ceremonies i believe have to do with conferming your faith. I KNOW that the Catholic one is called confermation, becuz i went through it.
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    Ten Years, all you've done is describe a dream you had. You have failed to say what specfically you think it represents. Tying an event (once it has happened) to a dream you had in the past isn't precognition. I can look through current events and find a good match in "meaning" to any number of silly dreams I've had in the past.

    Recognize what? Do you literally mean some stone tower is going to appear around a tall vine and people won't know what the tower is?

    What is it they're supposed to understand? Unless you give specifics, you're not making a predicition of anything.
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    Evo, a dream is a dream a vision is a vision. They are distinct and identifiable. A vision has the seal upon it, a dream is a dream. Only when a vision has the seal will I identify it as a vision because it is a vision. A vision is more knowable than the movement of your hand, the feeling of heat against your skin or the wind in your face.

    I never speak of them after the fact because when I have them I know it is a vision and I speak of them outright. I am not some fool looking for attention what I speak is real. I have one individual who comes to me and asks periodically of "whats new in the world" with a smile. One day on the day of asking I said one right off the press. I said this one will be I do not know what it is but described the circumstances with angle proximatey and the surrounding curcumstances. This individual went off and two days later the individual came back and said I have it. I said have what? Your vision I laughed and they showed me the article which was just released by the associated press. It was indeed the vision. The funny thing is it was an event of natural cirumstance which could not be forseen and the event occured the night of the vision at the time of the vision but was not known by anyone until released by the associated press. That was a type B vision.

    The reason why people don't know the difference is because they do not care. If they cared, if they needed to know, if they were honest with themselves then they too would realize that which they already have but what is not perceptible to them because of the massive torrent of other things which is more important to their system than these experiences.

    The vine was my experience of precognition which defied what science has placed forward as an incomplete world view of possibilities. The swinging of the of vine is like the monkies beating the monolith when they were ascustomed to it in the 2001 spaces odessy(best expression of an example). Simply put, the vine(visions) which this individual(inlaw) witnessed just became an object to their existance and discarded them by swinging the vine with disdain. This was the trigger which caused the explosion of visions(I do leave a question to wheater they will be just my visions or visions world wide). The tower that sprang up will be the aknowlgement of precognition and greater realities. You cannot recogognize precognition without acknolwging other things. This is obvious from a logical point of view. This will create a new science of study or maybe an old one. LoL

    I was disappointed in the vision because although people would acknowgle the reality and the new study of these things, they would not understand them. It would be something outside themselves to themselves. The time frame I do not have but it will occur in this particular inlaws lifetime.

    Sometimes people and objects are pointed out in visions. These are the relative objects which attempt to express future relativity in a non relative fashion.
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    So are you saying that someone will find something that stands in the face of physics, try to explain it, and then a huge amount of stuff will be revealed that also stands in the face of physics and normal reason? Like relativity and QM did?

    "The tower that sprang up will be the aknowlgement of precognition and greater realities." ~ TENYEARS
    This makes me think you mean that this thing will be that people will be able to see the future or things they can't explain seeing, like psychics claim to.

    Am I right? Can you try to be more straightforward in your explanation? It seems like your adding details that arent too important. Like the types of visions. You started using them without explaining them. Please explain them for me. My friend claims to have visions (just want to know if it's in the same way).
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    What will happen is there will be an explosion of visions mine and the visons of others possibly. It may be happening now and what I percieve to be as an event of a moment will be the event of a larger period of time(a few years). I do not think so though. The vine expoded upward ever further we steped back and the circular stone tower formed around the vine. The tower represents the acknowlegement by science that it is real and the new study will be formed. Like I said although many will visit and acknowlge they will not undertand and that was my great disappointment.

    My visions come at night when I am asleep, but many times I do have them in the waking state. These are usually not good but sometimes they are. It is just that the bad ones you remember the most.
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    Hello TENYEARS,
    Suppose your visions actually do represent some future event but your interpretation should be incorrect? For example, you said the tower represents the acknowlegement by science, how is it you can know this? Also, what is the strategy behind different classes of visions, how many classes are they and what does each represent?
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    BoulderHead, you are right for I have misinterpreted aspects of them before. My mind was not capable of making a clear relative connection with the actual reality since sometimes that actual reality is not understandable due to resistance within the individual. When this happens the subtle reality in incunjunction with the mind acquires the most meaningful relative objects stored in the individuals actual brain as opposed to the collective conconciousness(which the brain is part of anyway). The cool thing of this is that once written down the minor aspects are easyily decerible even to those who do not understand the nature of visions. This has happend with people around me.

    Sometimes there are aspects of visions in which a knowing will occur. In the midst of the vision you will just know that this will without question happen. This is when the human being actually makes a clear connection with the complete concious/God.

    Level A Vision - Objects will be surrounded by light. There is a better chance of you winning the lotto a 100000000000000 times in row than of one of these to be false. A series of events will occur and they are right on always.

    Level B Vision - You are set back and shown something taking place or you are part of the vision taking place and sometimes you are part of the vision taking place and at the same time watching the thing take place. Is that wild, but it is true.

    Level C Vision - What seems to be a normal dream or dream state when suddenly in the midst of the dream and out of place object or experience occurs. In the dream itself I actually logically question in some cases but how can this be or why is this where is this ect...

    Level D Vision - I make this up out of hope for some of the things I have seen and hope that they can be changed for some. There was a time when I was like all of you. Someone said something would happen to me and I laughed and stared them down. One day in my normal experience this event was about to occur and I could not stop it. In that moment in mid air while realizing this was about to occur those words hit me and out of pure anger I spun in a scream within myself that I am in control of my own destiny. I landed unharmed athough I should have been without question. As I stood there I said to myself yea! and then I said yea? LoL

    The bible speaks of a seal to visions. The bible is correct for that is how you actually know it is a vision. There is a seal upon every dream much like a letter from days of old. It authenticates that which may be false. This authentication is unmistakeable for it is the experience of reality itself within the dream. Now you know one of the greatest secrets in the bible.
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    Sorry if this is a bit rude, but is english your first language?
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    No my first language has no words.
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    Why does this thread belong in General Philosophy?
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    I believe that visions make real good sense and often too much to the visionary and to most everyone else it sounds like quackery, but then most visionaries are trying to sell some new diet or something. I wouldn't vote against this being philosophical, but then to me anything can be viewed philosohpically. I think it would interesting to have a pole to see how many people believe that visions are real in that they have a useful purpose in understanding things or predicting the future, or how many believe it is a byproduct of a disease or probably a mild mental wiring problem, or some divine gift form God, or a divine gift from the LSD God, or merely a random and elaborate generalization of future events and of no special consequence other than hidden agendas of the visionary.
  15. Dec 6, 2004 #14
    ya, i definatly call that a dream. a seal on them?!? plz explain what you are talking about when you say that
  16. Dec 6, 2004 #15
    A dream is not a vision it is a dream. Sometimes in the midst of dream a vision may happen but a vision is not a dream. Sometimes there is no dream at all and bang you are in the middle of a vision.

    Sometimes in the midst of the day I have also had them. These are usually bad two thirds of the time of the ones I can recall. You are a fish in an infinite ocean and you don't know where the water is. Lol

    You have more than gold and you treat it less than dirt. If you dug in the dirt and put your hands into the soil, feel the soil, know the soil, smelled it, appreciated it, was in wonder of it then and only then would you begin to understand other things. You will not until you do.
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