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A Wave of Thought

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    light/energy remains in a fixed position, is propagated in the higher dimensions of string theory and the universe by virtue of the spacetime bubble expanding at lightspeed creates the illusion of light wave movement towards us. I think to check this would require a frame of reference which is outside of the physical universe given we are always observing from within the system and i don't know if that's possible.

    Meaning light isn't moving towards us as a wave we are moving towards it, we just have no way of telling because the light source, us, everything, is in motion relative to everything else in the universe.

    I see the light ...uh no it sees you

    This makes it possible for light to be an effect of a string operating in at least one dimension and a crossover dimension of time. Time being the thing which links our 3d universe to the other dimensions. It also makes it possible for our universe to be embedded in a bubble skin which is equivalent to being trapped between 2 branes and expanding at lightspeed in a higher medium

    This brings to mind the classic people interacting on a train scenario. They are moving about to and fro from carriage to carriage appearing to move in relation to each other or remaining stationary yet when viewed from outside the train the whole thing is moving forward meanwhile the sun is shining on the train and thru the windows form a point outside of the moving train...

    ... But what if the engine pulling it at the front is travelling faster than the later carriages so you get a stretching effect only the people on the train have no real idea just a sense of things moving awkwardly when looking out the window ???

    kinda makes sense to me but please feel free to shoot it down, feed it back, whatever

    thanx in advance

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    all I'm looking for is a little feedback and some pointers in the right direction...

    c'mon guys what ya got to lose ???

    the silence is getting deafening
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    It doesn't seem valid to me. I don't get the light standing still thing; the speed of light has been measured, i.e. detected, since Roemer in the 17th century.
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    thanx self adjoint...

    I'ts just something I thought about

    photons are stationary 1d strings which flicker in and out of our universe.

    our universe is moving forward at light speed trapped between 2 spherical branes

    at every point in spacetime is a string and they are what changes as the universe passes by

    so what we think is lightwaves coming towards us is actually the universe rippling by at lightspeed

    we just can't tell cos we are always on the inside looking out and vibrating at rate in sync with our universe.

    so the universe could be constantly recreating itself all the time and leaving ripples of itself which by an uncertainty principle could create alternate universes so alike yet different.

    does that make sense, it may not be plausible or probable but is it possible ???

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    If i believe the above to be true does that make it true, if only to me ???
  7. Sep 26, 2004 #6
    ok then...

    how about this ???

    I project my consciousness to the source of the light at a speed determined to be that of the light coming towards me...

    ...but nobody is the wiser

    the "speed of consciousness" is the illusion of the propagation of light as a particle and a wave towards me...

    so it's probably got a few kinks that need ironing out but...hmmmmmmmmm

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