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A way for a stars observation

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    First of all, i don't know how to say it in English the place I can keep my eyes on some stars high above. There is no such a place near where I am staying. Therefore, I think it will be really good if i can make myself a small -whatchamaycallit-to observe the stars that are nearest to our Earth....But I unluckily don't have any clue on how to make one ? Do you have any instructions for me to make a start ?
    I really appreaciate any help from all of you,

    Thank you very much,
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    Observatory? A building with a telescope?
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    Thank you,
    yes, that is what i would like to express...
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    Do you know how to make a simple one to look up some stars ?
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    You don't really need to build an observatory to look at the stars. You can buy a nice portable telescope that will be much more user-friendly for getting started in the hobby.

    I suggest you first seek out astronomy clubs in your area, and try to meet other people who can show you how to do things.

    - Warren
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    No in my area, I don't think astronomy works around.
    Thanks a lot for your suggestion,
    I will go look for a telescope tommorow...:sm:
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    please tell us your latitude
    how many degrees north or south
    of equator

    also do you have clear dark nights
    (where i live it is often cloudy and the lights from
    the big city reflect off the clouds so that the sky is usually
    not completely dark)

    what interesting stars you can see depends somewhat
    on latitude

    if you are south of the equator then you can see, for example,
    the star closest to us: alpha centauri

    also the clouds of magellan (small nearby galaxies) are very nice
    and only visible if one is far enough to the south
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    I amnot in the south, but more of the North instead, around Michigan, I guess
    Summer is coming near and i think i will be able to see the clear sky then.

    Marcus, would you please tell me how you know so much about stars names ?
    Thank marcus alot,
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    for someone living in Michigan, Warren's advice is likely to be the most helpful. there are astronomy clubs all over the USA
    I dont know the website that would tell the one nearest any particular location
    but maybe Warren or one of the other mentors knows

    also a local college or junior college might help

    hooking up with other people in one's own community that have telescopes and do stargazing is a really good idea

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    Thank you very much for your instructions,
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