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A way to use desktop hd for laptop?

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    Hey all,

    I can't find information on google about this so either I'm not searching correctly or my question is a silly one.

    I am going to have to start using a laptop which comes w/only 10gigs as opposed to my current desktop which has 2 hard drives, a 40 and an 80. Is there's some sort of thing I could use that would enable me to use that 80 gig hard drive on my laptop as an external hard drive? I'm looking for cheapest possible, as well as ease of use (I know those 2 don't really go together, but bear with me.)

    Another silly question--the laptop was apparently "made for ME." What the hell does that mean? I can still format the HD and install XP, right?

    Thanks everyone,

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    I know that an external HD is basically a typical (internal) HD inside a case with a firewire or USB adapter...if you could get a hold of a dead external HD, you might be able to make use of firewire or USB. just a thought.
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    Now when you say case...is this a special case?

    So, if I just unhook my HD and take it to, say, Circuit City or something, they can tell me what to do? Please note that I, while capable of installing hard drives onto my desktop and knowledgeable about what gigs are, am rather computer illiterate, and am probably completely computer illiterate compared to this crowd.


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    ok, stay out of the inside of the laptop.

    Yes, you can put windows XP on it, however, make sure you have atleast 256 mb of ram, and a decent speed cpu, or else you'll be kicking yourself.

    as to the hd thing, well,


    should be good to go.
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    One of THESE. Its pretty easy: take the 80 gig hard drive out of the old computer, install it in the enclosure and plug it into the laptop via USB. No software needed. I have one (different brand enclosure).
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