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A wiki type GPS library ?

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    a wiki type GPS library ???

    Pretty much everyone has a GPS navigation system now, whether it be in their cell phone or in their car.

    with all the new houses being built and new highways a lot of times you find yourself in the middle of a field according to the gps because that new road has not been surveyed yet.

    i think it would be useful to have some kind of system where people can submit roads to a library the gps can read from. that way if a bunch of people live in a newly built development they can all submit information to the database on where the roads are and would not have to explain to their relatives during holidays how to get to their house (what a pain).

    and if the system was set up like a wiki there would be enough people to confirm what roads are true and constantly update it.

    any opinions on this?

    ps i dont have a real good understanding of GPS systems in the first place so this is just for fun.
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    Re: a wiki type GPS library ???

    In countries where buying digital map data is expensive (like the UK) it was popular but I can't find them anymore (I suppose all the data has leaked onto the web now)
    There are ones to record hiking trails eg. http://www.everytrail.com/
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    Re: a wiki type GPS library ???

    Google maps looks good. Users can login and draw lines on the map or put information about various places. And make their work available to the public.

    It's hard to see how data will be displayed to the clients if you use something like wikipedia.

    P.S. something like http://xkcd.com/461/ could also happen.
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    Re: a wiki type GPS library ???

    You should look into Google Earth overlays as suggested. They allow you to take a snapshot of the map and annotate it and then it can be emailed to family friends and that allows them to zoom in and out on Google Earth with your annotations.

    As to GPS systems I think they allow updating, but these are services from the company. Fees may be applicable.
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