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A woman for president-quote critique

  1. Oct 2, 2005 #1
    I was watching this show on tv, and this actor said something like this to the newly appointed woman president I guess to try and dissuade her from taking office, "the problem with power is that people who want it are better able to use it, and the people who don't want typically don't have a clue how to use it".

    It sounds about right, I mean someone who loves to gamble is likely to be a better gambler than someone who has never gambled, but not entirely right, something is missing here I got a feeling this view isn't entirely correct, or maybe it is more correct than I first thought, anyway, philosophically speaking, what's your take on it?
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    My personal view is this:

    1) sane is the average of a population's "mentality/beliefs".
    2)ppl like donald trump, have something different from the average person, maybe greedier or more aggressive, which makes them insane to a degree
    3) someone who runs for president wants more power than the average person
    4) chances are the are slightly insane


    so i believe that someone who does Not want power would be a better choice than most people who do want power.
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    It sounds like something is missing because it is... It's a true statement, but it's phrased as a "problem" without any explanation as to why it's a problem.

    It makes no sense without some sort of further explanation.
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