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Homework Help: A wonderful way to answer physics questions!

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    I recently came across this website: http://www.recycleyourhomework.com

    It's basically like a huge database of questions/answers. You submit an answer to a question to help someone else out, and your question that you ask will be answered by others. I personally like the idea.

    I'm trying to contribute some answers, too. Try and help some fellow students out.

    I'm in intro. physics in my school and we all try to figure this stuff out together, too. I just think that the combination of this site I showed you and these forums can really help a lot of people out. By all means, use this forum! I'm not trying to deter people at all from using it! But if you ever would like to use both, go for it! All I am doing is just trying to help people out. I really like the site I found and I think it can be very good if we all help contribute.

    EDIT: If this is in the wrong forum, please move it to the appropriate one! Thanks!
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    Yeah, probably the wrong forum. But in the homework section of PF there is a pretty strict policy about not posting complete solutions. Do they enforce that there? If not, I wouldn't recommend making excessive use of it. Answer swapping doesn't help in understanding.
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    Yep, has explanations. :cool:
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