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A word riddle

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    The letters "E" and "Z" (zee) when pronounced loudly spell the word "easy." Which ten letter word can be formulated in the same fashion, using only 5 different letters?
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    Highlight for answer: [color="#black"]X P D N C (or) expediency[/COLOR]

    I had originally come up with [color="#black"]F M N A C (or) effeminacy[/COLOR], but that didn't seem like it would work.

    Thanks for the fun question. :smile:

    The Japanese language is like this. All of the letters are pronounced in words the way they're pronounced on their own. It's all syllabic, so that means once you know how to spell a word, you know how to say it, and vice versa. (BUT, that principle doesn't apply to the vast amount of Chinese characters they adopted, which are more complicated that that).
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    Mickey, I don't think that the answer needs highlighting. Use black as the colour to make it invisible. :smile:
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    O I C :redface: :rofl:
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    yea your right it is expediency
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