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A word too useful

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    I just had to share this new (to me) word with you guys, brought to my attention by Language Log (there's a questionable word in it, so I won't link directly to the entry of October 22, 2005, English the most idiosyncratic and wordy?).


    One entry found for ignoranus.
    Main Entry: ig·no·ra·nus
    Pronunciation: "ig-n&-'rA-n&s also -'ra-
    Function: noun
    Inflected Form(s): plural -nus·es also ig·no·ra·ni /-nE/
    Etymology: http://www.langmaker.com/db/eng_ignoranus.htm -- more at IGNORAMUS

    : a person who is both ignorant and an [figure it out]hole.
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    I didn't know that word, I feel like such an imbuttcile.
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    Or bloviator. A BS-er, or one who speaks or writes at length in a pompous manner.

    I'm tired of your damn bloviation tribdog, you're such a ****ing ignoranus!
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    stop and look down at the area around your feet before you jump. Make sure that's where you want to be.
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    My husband coined the term 'vurp', after a work breakfast the other day, then, in a flurry of creativity, the 'vough', the 'fough' and the 'faugh' followed. He thinks there are many more waiting to be discovered/invented.
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    Your husband is a precious one he is.
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    Piscreant: an wrong-doer who frequently wets themselves.
    Hidiot: one who is as ugly as they are stupid.
    Stickybutterfingers: a clumsy lesbian.
    Reotard: a stupid gymnast.
    Dullardass: one who is as fat as they are stupid.
    Icliterate: one who can find neither the words to say or a woman's love button.
    Moron_damon: a stupid PFer.
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    El Homobre- el Hombre
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    A friend of mine came up with the word shload. It's more of a contraction though so it should more properly be written/typed sh'load.
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