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A1 Coursework physics

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    I currently have to produce a piece of coursework on the electrical resistance of a house brick and how it changes with temperature i was wondering if anyone could help me with certain aspects of it

    Does anyone know a value for the resistivity of a brick preferably with a quoted source. Also im in need of a method of fixing to wires to a brick so i can measure the bricks resistance using an digital amp metre bearing in mind that in this method will have to with stand temperatures of up to 800 degrees c in a kiln

    thanks in advance gaz :smile:
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    hey im doing same planning exercise OCR right

    i dont think you need the restivity of the brick, you just have to measure the p.d across the brick and the current at each different temp to find the resistance, hence you dont needs its restivity.

    fixing wires to a brick im still not sure,

    plus you have got to take into account theres going to be resistance in the connecting wires that connect to the brick because i wod assume they will be heated as well within the temperature range
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    Stalybridge as in Manchester Stalybridge?
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    yer i live in stalybridge
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    yup im doing ocr planning exercise
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    im doing the the same plan and i know that you can connect wires to the brick with something called conductive paint
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    is that going be withstand the temperature at 800 degrees?

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    mmm...im doing the same exercise. VERY stumped
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