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Homework Help: A2 coursework

  1. May 2, 2006 #1
    hello. can u help me with this planing execise

    manufacturers of sheet metal use rollers to produce the sheets. The sheets then pass along processing lines for painting. Transverse vibrations of these sheets results in a non uniform thickness of paint layers on the sheets.

    Electronmagnetic damping can be used to reduce these vibrations, The vibrating sheets pass near to a powerful electromagnet. Induced currents in the sheets lead to forces opposing the vibration of the sheet

    Design an experiment usng a SENSOR, DATALOGGING EQUIPMENT to investigate how the time taken for the amplitude of a vibrating sheets of aluminium to halves varies with the magnetic flux density of the field in which the sheet is placed
    Detail on :

    a.) how the magnetic field would be produced, measured and vaired
    b.) how the magnetic field would be orientated wioth respect to the vibrating sheet
    c.) how the ampltude of the vibration of the sheet would be measured
    d.) the procedure to be followed in the investigation
    e.) any features to ensure accuracy.

    Thanks, any help is much appreciated.
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    Time taken for the amplitude of a vibrating sheet of Al varies with magnetic field.

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