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Abandoned Threads

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    One of my pet peeves is when posters post a question and then abandon the thread without closure. This happens sometimes immediately after their original post or sometimes after a few exchanges with repliers. Nothing like "thanks, I figured it out" or "my teacher went over this, thanks anyway" or even "sorry, I can't get back to this thread for a while". Sometimes I tag such posters or even reply to one of their active threads asking if they are going to respond or abandon the particular thread.

    No doubt this subject has come up before, but I would like to see some penalty for this behavior to discourage it.
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    Been there, done that.
    Computers crash. Life interrupts.
    "Drive-by" posts are part of the PF landscape.
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    Many posters (especially in homework) post the same problem in sites all over the internet looking for an answer. Once they get what they want or it's too late, they don't bother to go back to the sites where they posted.
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