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Abaqus problem

  1. Jan 19, 2010 #1
    I've done a very simple analysis of a truss in Abaqus CAE. I want to create a report of the xy data, but every time I try I'm confronted with 'KeyError:RF', or 'KeyError:U', depending on which xy data I'm trying to get at.

    My search of google and Abaqus' online help has only led me to one guy who says this is a bug in Abaqus 6.8.1 and is fixed in 6.8.3. This is no use to me as I'm working on a network without admin privileges.

    Does anyone have any insight?

    thanks in advance
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    1 Create xy data
    2 ODB field output
    3 Select node
    4 Select type of plot ie Unique nodal
    5 Plot results

    (If it doesn't work first time the node selection has gone so select again)

    Then to get the actual numbers go to XY data manager tehn the plot should show, go to edit and you'll find the numbers that were plotted, highlight and copy these to excel. This is a way to get round the bug
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