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Abdus Salam's illustration

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    I read some paragraphs from Michio Kaku's Hyperspace about Abdus Salam's illustration of symmetry breaking using a banquet table. Left-right symmetry breaks when one diner picks a glass on the right or left.
    What if two diners simultaneously picks up a glass. One diner picks up a glass to his right while the other picks up a glass to her left. In the end, surely, someone will have no glass to drink from. Right?
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    When you have an analogy or illustration, you have to be careful not to push it too far. The thing it illustrates is robust, but the illustration has traded robustness for clarity. A similar case is the idea of a balloon with stars painted on it being blown up to illustrate the expanding universe. It's meaningless to ask "What happens when the balloon bursts?"
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    I has to do with Bosons tending to go to the same state, so if a situation allows the formation of new Bose states, they will all tend to be identical, as in a Laser. If there are only two possiblities allowed, then they will all be in one of the two states.
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