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About Beakmans motor. design equation B, I, N, calculations or mathcad file?

  1. May 22, 2005 #1
    I built a Beakman motor and works good. But Iwonder how to calculate :
    -Magnetic Induction B(Teslas)?
    -Current I(amperes)?
    -Voltage V ( volts)


    N= 5 turns
    D=9 milimeters( 38 AWG copper wire)
    V=1.4 Volts
    B= ...? (May be 0.1 tesla)......small Headphones magnet

    If any guy have a pc program, mathcad file or java simulator for this small values. Please let me Know ..and I send you a free motor beakman...(I think the smallest motor..)

    email: fmchilca@hotmail.com

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