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So I was wondering if anyone could help me out. I am trying to find a way to calculate the cascade volume in a steel alloy undergoing ~ 1 MeV ion irradiation ( Z ~ 25). For this analysis I will be looking at the electronic stopping regime with PKA energy of ~ 10 keV. Not sure what to do after calculating the PKA energy.

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Do you have to do it from scratch, or can you check what common simulation tools like Geant4 are doing?
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I have to do it from scratch since my programming abilities are very limited. I actually came up with a volume analytically using a maximum cascade temperature of ~10000 K, but the volume seems small ( V = 50 nm^3 ). Since I am trying to calculate the volume mid ion range, (about halfway through) I think using Averback's equation from TRIM results will not be helpful. My PKA energy is actually 14 keV which leads to approximately 10 keV for damage energy. You wouldn't happen to know of any Matlab code to handle this would you?
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I would use some existing software package, or at least see what they did (there should be some references explaining that, I just don't know where).
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Ok, thanks for the replies.