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About COMSOL use to model Vanadium Redox Flow Battery (VRFB)

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    Dear Friends,
    Merry Christmas to All.

    I am pleased to join this forum of Physics Experts.

    Please I need some help to work on COMSOL, I am about to start learning COMSOL. I'm going to work on this topic ' Vanadium Redox Flow Battery ' (VRFB) and this topic has many physics so it can be handled only by COMSOL not ANSYS as I know. So, can any one help me with materials or simple detailed examples or website that can be related to solve such this topic by COMSOL?

    Is it possible and easy to work on COMSOL without having the 'electrochemistry' option in the 'add physics tree'? I meant WITHOUT having the flow battery 'module' that we have to purchase to use it? by building the model from scratch by using only PDEs cause my advisor does not like to purchase the license for this software (VRFB)!

    Any help will be really appreciated.

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