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About Doppler coefficient

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    hello,everybody .Doppler coefficient will be positive?
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    Whether the Doppler coefficient (for resonance absorption) is positive or negative depends on the composition of the fuel/core.

    If resonance absorption leads to more (n,γ) and less fission then it has a negative effect on reactivity in a critical system.

    If the absorption leads to more fission and less (n,γ), then it has a positive effect.

    In an LWR (water moderated reactor) the Doppler coefficient is negative. The U-238 resonances absorb neutrons more readily, and to some extent, the resonance absorption of U-235 and Pu-239 resulting in (n,γ) compete with those resulting in fission.

    Some fast and intermediate spectrum reactors may have a positive Doppler coefficient with certain configurations. Such configurations are to be avoided.

    http://www.inl.gov/technicalpublications/Documents/4502642.pdf [Broken]
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    thank you very much
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