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About egg drop

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    I am confused that many web sites say that it took 25 N to crack the egg, it's ok but

    When I do the drop test with 8 meter building. So, I calculate the force: 1kg(box) * 9.81m/s^2

    So, the force tat impact my box is 9.81 Newton but the egg was crack. I just confuse!
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    You dropped a box? Try dropping a single egg. How much does a single egg weigh? I never used them so take it 'x', w=mg
    They say 25N no? well
    an egg can't be 2.55 kg right?
    At what height did they drop the egg?
    when you drop the egg from great height, by the time it reaches the earth, the velocity increases much and hence momentum. And hence it experiences much force. U must consider the height.
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    Ty i get it
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