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About Electromagnetic field

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    how to find the point charge and line charge??
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    Welcome to PF!

    Can you elaborate more?

    What problem are you trying to solve?
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    Welcome to Physics Forums! This forum (New Member Introductions) is only for introductions and a bit of chit-chat. If you have a question related to physics, math, engineering, etc., please ask it in one of the forums listed under Physics, Mathematics, etc. If you want help in solving a specific exercise from a textbook or coursework assignment, please use one of the subforums of "Homework and Coursework Questions."

    Finally, for your question above, you really need to give more information about it so people can understand what you are asking about.

    (ah, I write too much... someone else slipped in before I finished! :H)
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    A line charge of 45 nC is uniformly distributed along positive Z axis.Two point charge of 75 nC are located at (3,0,0) and (0,3,0). Determine the potential difference PQ if P is at
    (3,4,0) and Q is at (5,4,3).
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    Hari, please post your question in the homework section of the forum, as per jtbell's post.

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    Hari, the appropriate forum for your revised question is the "Introductory Physics Homework" sub-forum of "Homework and Coursework Questions."


    Please re-post there. First, read the "Guidelines for Students and Helpers" which are posted near the top of that forum. Then, start a new thread, fill out the template that you will see, and show what work and thoughts you have tried already.

    This thread is now closed.
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