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About engineering

  1. Oct 9, 2016 #1
    i wanted to ask you after high school passing grade 12
    when we do computer engineering courses like Bachelor of computer applications, Bachelor in computer science,,B of technology

    we can do self study or classes is required for these courses

    as computer engineering courses will have subjects like physics,chemistry,maths so we had in high school also so we if know physics,chemistry,maths,computer science very well so as a fundamental or foundation for computer engineering
    we can do computer engineering courses subjects by self study
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    As I understand it, you cannot receive a Bachelor's of anything without completing the requirements specific to that course and university/school. This almost always involves 100+ credits received by passing courses offered by that university or school or by completing equivalent courses in other universities and schools and transferring those credits over to the new one.

    You cannot receive a Bachelor's degree from any respectable university of school by doing self-study.

    Having said that, you might be able to self-study for a particular low-level course and take a test to skip it. Doing so can let you bypass certain prerequisites and move on to other classes, but this is almost always limited to lower-level courses, not upper-level ones, and usually doesn't count towards the number of credits your degree requires.
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    thanks sir
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