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About eta meson

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    I am confused by eta meson and eta prime meson . I can not the difference between them .anybody can help me ? who can tell me what are they made up ?
    some textbook say that the neutral eta meson is considered to be a quark combination
    (uubar+ddbar-2*ssbar)/6^(1/2),but I am still not clear.
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    it will not help to open multiple threads on the same question. Thanks :smile:
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    ok ,get it !
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    It will not be easy for me to reply right away. From the top of my head, the eta did not have s\bar{s} components. As for the eta', you might be happy to hear that even professional specialists are not sure that there is no glue content in it :smile:
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    The top of my head is not vey high this morning :smile:
    This is wrong. You might want to take a look (for instance) at On the gluon content of the eta and eta' mesons where fits to available data are given.
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    thanks !
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