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About experimental particle physics

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    I intend for this to be in General Discussion, which is why I put it here, please don't move it, but move it if you reeally have to. :frown:

    I don't know much about particle accelerator data, but page 6 looks pretty interesting to me. See? This is where perusing the internet gets you. I obviously found the god particle.

    Explination of what I thought when I read it:
    Figure 2 and Table V on pg. 6 are what I'm looking at, as well as the caption to Figure 2 as being a point of interest.

    The peak of both of the graphs are at about 100 GeV on the x axis, I'd say. In Table V it mentions 100 GeV! Monte-Carlo comparisons are all comparably flat.

    Now I don't know anything about whatever this report is about, but I know how to read, and now that my interest is perked, I ask what this whole thing means.

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    The "God particle?" I very vaguely remember that phrase. Is it a nickname for the Higgs Boson, which (supposedly) gives matter the property of mass?
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