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About free energy

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    Hi to all!

    I'm new in this forum and i would like to share some thoughts with you guys!

    i'm 40 years old and i'm thinking on create a motor with magnetic materials which will provide me electricity for my house!

    i need some help with what materrials i have to buy and what dimensions i have to use and all kind of plans that i have to make

    you see i'm just a keyboardist and i don't know anything about those things!
    but i'm really really interesting!!!

    is anyone interested in this?

    i would like to start as soon as possible this experiment!

    i'm here to share all your thoughts and ideas :)

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    Unfortunately, "free energy" is one of the topics that we are not supposed to discuss.

    You can read about some of the others here:

    Perpetual motion and "free energy" discussions
    Search PF and you will find many threads that have been closed in a number of forums. As for S&D, any claim of this nature would be reproducible and/or testable by the scientific community; hence there is no need for debate.

    This is for the very good reason that such projects are doomed by the laws of Physics. They don't work and can't work unless you have access to a source of power such as wind, waves or sunlight.

    Sorry about that....
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    thanks a lot VK :)
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