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About free energy

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    Hi to all!

    I'm new in this forum and i would like to share some thoughts with you guys!

    i'm 40 years old and i'm thinking on create a motor with magnetic materials which will provide me electricity for my house!

    i need some help with what materrials i have to buy and what dimensions i have to use and all kind of plans that i have to make

    you see i'm just a keyboardist and i don't know anything about those things!
    but i'm really really interesting!!!

    is anyone interested in this?

    i would like to start as soon as possible this experiment!

    i'm here to share all your thoughts and ideas :)

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    You should know the following:
    1. There is no such thing as free energy
    2. Magnetic motors require work to create electricity, it can't be done for free

    If you want alternative energy to supplement you house's power, your choices are wind and solar. Both choices have costs involved, but can be economical depending on your particular situation.
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    i think that this video will show you that magnetic energy can be done for free

    i think i can convert magnetic power into electric power

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    No it can't, you've been sucked into a crackpot claim that uses sloppy energy balances and incorrect assumptions. All of these theories stem from a misunderstanding of magnetic fields.

    No free lunch for you, sorry.
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    I'm afraid discussion of perpetual motion and free energy is a banned topic. It has been discussed many times before as you will see if you search the forum.

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