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About Google Catching

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    Hi every body

    25 days back I was created a new page AFC Champions league 2011, but till now that page is not cached by google search engine.
    Please suggest me what can i do for google caching.
    <<link deleted>>

    thank you
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    I suggest you ask about this in Google's official volunteer-assisted webmaster forum for such issues:


    Most of the "helpers" there are not Google employees, but they're very knowledgeable.

    One of the more important things you can do is get a link from a site or page that is already indexed by Google. We're not in the business of helping people promote their sites, which is why your link has been removed. :wink:
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    It's probably cached by now, but for future reference Tweet the url and it'll be cached really quickly... especially if you have a few followers. If you don't tweet.... submit it to stumbleupon. If you don't stumble, post a link on your Fb wall, If you don't Facebook go to http://goo.gl shorten the url, email the shortened url to a friend and have them click it.

    There are a hundred other ways...
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