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About hierarchy problem?

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    Why are hierarchies problematic? How are the hierarchy problem related with fine-tunning problem?

    Saying that at high energy, some theories are united to one theory(example GUT).Which is high energy,the high energy of collision real particles or the high energy of high momentum loop integrals in loop corrections?
    One same question when a theory is spontaneous broken to some theories.
    If the high energy is the energy of collision real particles(not of virtue particle) then why the large relate with the small in hierarchy problem?
    If the large not relate with the small,why hierarchy problem is problematic?
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    Now I think the momenta of real and virtue particle are related and the parameters at low and high energy are related with each other by renormalization group equations,so the high energy is the both.Then the loop corrections cause hierarchy problematic thing.Perhap one solution is to point out some cancelations between the loop corrections if we do not want to change to other theory different from Standard Model such as SUSY.
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