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Medical About injecting rabies vaccine,need help.

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    I was scratched by a wild cat,I took the rabies vaccine injection rigorously for the first three injections,but at the fourth,I haven't take it on time.

    Today I went to the hospital to take the fourth injection,the doctor told me that I need to restart to take the injection from the first to the fifth.(I'm in China,people take five times injection of rabies vaccine in china.) The doctor's attitude was bad,and I became angry just at the moment.I haven't taken the fourth injection yet.

    I don't want to listen chinese doctor's request.I came here and ask for help because I trust you,you are much more rational and objective.

    Could somebody tell me that what the influence is if I lately take the fourth injection of rabies vaccine?Should I really get a restart of injection?

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    For the record - you won't get medical advice here, other than to go and consult your doc.
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    Sigh,so sad.

    I don't need advice,I just want to know a little about the action principle of the rabies vaccine,I can make the decision.

    Some doctors here are hard for me to communicate with,the one I met this moring is one of them
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    As Borek said, we can't give recommendations here. I can provide you with information about the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommendation. The first dose is the rabies immunoglobulin (RIG) which attacks the virus directly. This is followed by three (new recommendation) or four (old recommendation) vaccine injections. The new recommendations are for three vaccine doses at days 3,7 and 14 days after the RIG. In the US, a new purified chick embryo cell vaccine has replaced the human diploid cell vaccine (HDCV). The HDCV requires four doses following the RIG. If the total number of injections (including the RIG) you were supposed to get is four, it seems you are getting the new chick vaccine. The vaccine boosts your body's immune response to the virus and all three doses are deemed.necessary for adequate protection.

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    I'll say this much: attitude, research, and more.. whatever happens it's better to get a hundred of these injections than Rabies. Beyond that, it would break PF guidelines.
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    Thank you all.I've take the injection this morning,feeling relaxed now.

    But I was really sad about the doctor yesteday..

    Thank you!
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    I'm sorry that you experienced that anxiety, and your doctor should have a better bedside manner. I am VERY glad that you've decided to continue, and that you feel better (emotionally) now. Be well Kakarotyjn.
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    Thank you :rofl:
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