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About laser

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    Could you help me
    i want to ask about laser..
    is laser ionzing radiation or not?
    it verey important to me , some web site say it ionzing and some say it is not.
    could you help for this :confused:
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    Perhaps some are ionizing and some are not. :smile:
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    Ionizing radiation is radiation in which an individual particle (for example, a photon, electron, or helium nucleus) carries enough energy to ionize an atom or molecule.

    The composition of ionizing radiation can vary. Electromagnetic radiation can cause ionization if the energy per photon is high enough (that is, the wavelength is short enough). Ultraviolet light, X-rays, and gamma rays are all ionizing radiation, while visible light, microwaves, and radio waves are not. Ionizing radiation may also consist of fast-moving particles such as electrons, positrons, or small atomic nuclei.

    So, some LASERS are ionizing, and some are not. I do not know of any radio wave lasers, are there any? Hmmm... if microwave lasers are called masers, are radio wave lasers called... rasers? :biggrin:
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    i Know that,but look this:

    Radiation such as visible light, infrared, microwave, laser, etc. that cause no ionization are non-ionizing radiation
    look this also;


    http://hsbpc1.ikf.physik.uni-frankfurt.de/publications/files/Doerner-ICPEAC2001.pdf [Broken]
    please my language is not English
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    It it possible (as stated in the paper you cite) for an extremely intense laser to excite an atom (or molecule) to a higher excited state and then absorb a second photon to ionize it. This is a process called two-photon or multi-photon absorption. However, in general, laser light is not ionizing radiation.

    Don't worry about it. What is your native language? Perhaps someone here also knows it.
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    In short, a very strong laser can ionize an atom, called multi-photon absorbtion. Usually lasers are not strong enough to do this.
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    Could you give me web site About multi-photon absorbtion But introduction Because ican't found basic information about
    this subject
    Thank you very much
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    Here is one site that talks about multi-photon absorption.

    Here is another.
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    Laser Jock

    Thak you very much :smile:
    you are help me alot .that very kind og you
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