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  1. which colour is brightest (red monochromatic light, green monochromatic light and blue monochromatic light )? and which light will give highest radiant flux? why?
    Thank you
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    This is like asking, "which sound is loudest: bass, treble, or midrange?"

    In other words, you need more information! :confused:
  4. If you know the wave length of each light you can try to find its frequency...
    As jtbell said: it is somewhat difficult to say with less information that you gave.
    But brightness is something related to convergence angle, bandwidth, etc..i.e. it mainly depends on collimation.
  5. Wavelength of Maximum Human (Optical) Sensitivity: "The eye is most sensitive to green light (555 nm) because green stimulates two of the three kinds of cones, L and M, almost equally."

    So green light would be perceived as "brighter" by the human visual system.
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