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About Magnetic Flux Density

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    My physics teacher today taught my class the formula with magnetic flux density...

    Force on a wire in a magnetic field

    F = BILsin(theta)

    the part i am enquiring about is the B
    in which he explained to be

    B is the magnetic field strength (measured in Tesla's)

    He also said 1T = 1NmA

    I enquired about how could this be, because then Force would not be equal to Newtons. I revised it to be 1T = 1N/mA

    Note: m is meters, and A is amperes, not milliampers for mA, just saying.

    Can anyone tell me if i am right or not
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    Yes you are correct. If your professor had a little dot in between the N and mA, he would technically be correct too, since a lot of times ratios of units use the little dot, which you could have mistook for multiplication.
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    thankyou, nah he didnt have a dot there, i will tell him on monday, cus he seemed to be puzzled by it too, thanks alot
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