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About master's degree

  1. Jun 24, 2015 #1

    I'll be finishing my bachelors (in Physics) in a month or so and it's about time to start thinking about a master's degree.

    I'm not very motivated to go pure Physics. I'm more inclined for something like "Computational Mechanics". Now, in this time and age it would be stupid of me to get a master's degree without considering the employable factor. So I'm here to ask you:

    From what you know, what kind of jobs are available to someone with a master's in computational mechanics? More specifically, industry jobs.

    Also, what is the best combination of physics + master's if one wishes to join the work-force as soon as one finishes the degree (or even before)?
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    If you want to join the industry work force as soon as you finish your degree? What about an engineering master's degree?
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    Computational Mechanics is considered engineering, as it is taught in an engineering campus. I then have "Industrial engineering" and "micro/nano technologies". I'm not sure what the prospects for each would be..
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    You left out one very significant piece of information from your posts, and I don't know how axmls could even answer such a question without this information: where in the world are you and where do you intend to seek employment?

    This is significant, because your employment opportunity for the same type of degree is different in the US than, say, in Uganda!

    Secondly, what is the reason why you are seeking a Masters degree? What are you hoping to get out of such a degree and how do you think it will improve your situation?

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    Hello ZapperZ, thank you for replying.

    I am an european student, currently in Portugal and I plan to either stay here or go elsewhere while remaning in europe.

    The reason for seeking a masters degree is that, adding to the fact that, nowadays, a bachelors is pretty much not enough, my thirst for knowledge has not yet been satisfied. I believe that by studying 2 more years I can get a better job with a better salary, at-least when seeing it from a long-term perspective. Now I don't want to waste both money and time getting a master's degree that will not help me in a significant way when searching for a job, if that time ever comes.

    Also, might I ask how one with a degree in physics ends up doing software work? I've heard countless times that a Physics degree allows one to work as a software engineer but that doesn't sound very accurate according to my experience.
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