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    I am Agu Goodluck of the department of mechanical Engineering at the federal university of Agriculture, Abeokuta... I'm currently an undergraduate and in my second year
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    Welcome to PF!
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    I am looking for help on a bicycle type problem. It states: A flexible bicycle type chain of length πr/2 has a mass p per unit length and is released after being held by its upper end in an initial rest condition in the smooth circular channel. Determine the acceleration at which all links experience just after release. Also, find the expression for the tension T in the chain as a function of θ for the condition immediately following release. Isolate a differential element of the chain as a free body and apply the appropriate motion equation.
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    Thank you!
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    Please re-post this in the Homework Help, Engineering forum, and fill out the Homework Help Template you are provided there. This includes sections on the Relevant Equations and your Attempt at a Solution. Thank you. :smile:
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