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About my future

  1. Jul 1, 2010 #1
    Hello everyone,
    Thank you for taking time to read this post.
    I am currently doing my under graduation in physical sciences in not so reputed college. I wanted to become a high energy physicist and wanted to do research in in the field of quantum gravity. As I have already mentioned my college is not very good, more emphasis is placed on getting high marks in the university by any means. Thus student resort to cramming. Naturally concepts of essentially all the students are not clear but they do get good marks. But I was a physics enthusiast. So I was not very happy with the system. But I still carry on as others. So I get nearly 74% marks. But next year I got frustrated. So I decided to change the way as I study. I left reading the books of the local authors and started reading the books of foreign authors. But I gradually lost the direction due to lack of any guidance. So the following year my marks drops to 57%.
    Now I am in the third year. I have learnt important lessons from my previous years and I hope I can get 70%+ marks this year, that is more than 65% in aggregate. Due disastrous last two years I planning to drop a year off my study, and prepare for various entrance tests like and making for my ignorance in last two years. I am pretty sure that I will have my concepts clear.
    Now my question is, considering my past record do I stand, if any, chance of getting admission in a reputed institutes?
    I will admire your views on these issues. Please be frank in your reply. I would like to have an honest picture of my future.
    As it might have already very clear to you that your replies are very-very important to me.
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    what is you mean by physical science ? You mentioned in your post that you are doing graduation in physical science. Is it physics or chemistry..which is more emphasized in your course ?
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    I am doing undergrad. in physical sciences in which physics, chemistry and mathematics all are equally emphasized.
    Thank you.
    With Best Regards.
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    I would guess the cut off grades for basically any graduate school are probably higher than 65%.
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    I got 74% in first year and 57% next year thats exactly 65%. Will this work?
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