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About my topic 'Physicists'

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    Of course, this isn't a place for such issues (that topic of mine ('Physicists')); but, here, I just want to point-out that a chance to reply was refused to me (the topic is locked without my constructive answer).
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    I would advise you to that this thread and any reply would be better placed in the Forum Feedback section. It would however, be better to discuss the matter privately via PM with the mentor who locked your thread, I beleive it was Evo in this case.

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    I've started this issue once again (an explanation this time) - this time in a place where it belongs (I've tried at least...).

    Let the record show that my efforts to rectify this issue (to explain what I've ment by it so everyone sees it clear) were (once again) obstructed. In fact the concrete obstructed concept in this case is in theory of human philosophical knowledge known and being called 'a democracy'.

    (now I will try and follow the advice given here to me by "Hootenanny")
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