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Homework Help: About non-gaussian noise

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    Dear friends,I have a question about non-gaussian noise as follow:

    R(t) is a white noise and Y1,Y2,Y3 are three uncorrelated Gaussian Variables with average 0 and standard deviation 1, so that
    I know how to deduce above formulas, as Z1,Z2 are both Gaussian noises, so we can calculate the covariance matrix to get them.

    But a question emerged, when I calculated the following formula.

    [tex]Z_{3}=\int^h_{0}Z_{1}^2(t)dt=\int^h_{0}(\int^t_{0}R(s)ds\int^t_{0}R(y)dy)dt\approx h^{2}/3(Y_{1}^2+Y_{3}+1/2)[/tex]

    Because Z3 is not a gaussian noise, and it refer to calculate the higher moments, so how to deduce the last formula?
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