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About online lecture.

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    accroding what http://www.apple.com/education/solutions/itunes_u/[/PLAIN] [Broken]
    say, itunes is releasing lecture from different university. My question is that if they have released or not because i can't find any official lecture from itunes. If they have not released it, do you think that they shall release lecture to public or just student of that particular higher insituition.
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    I read that they launched the service with 400 lectures. Where are they?
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    this is my question. but by the post of rho, i think the lectures are released on the school site instead of itunes music store.
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    The University of Michigan's business school is doing that as well. I do believe it is for students only though. I just saw a news piece on this not too long ago.
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    sorrie, but i am a college undergrad already. Thank you though:rolleyes:
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    Why are you implying that MIT's OCW is for high school students and not college students? I have not seen any high school level courses there. I have only seen college level courses.
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    These links are treasure!! Are there anymore?
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    Visit this blog entry
    https://www.physicsforums.com/blog/2005/07/09/physics-videos/ [Broken]
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    Hmm.. I think you need to get your eyes checked then because by the looks of it, most of what's in the lectures for physics and biology seem to be what we've taken in high school here... (And those are most of the lectures there, anyway)
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    Wow, I am very impressed that you took or had the chance to take the following classes at your high school:

    Ordinary Differential Equations
    Linear Algebra
    Atomistic Computer Modelling of Materials
    Calculus Based Physics on Electromagnatism
    Mathematical Methods for engineers
    Nano-Macro Transport Process
    Physics of Microfabrication
    Solid State Chemistry

    Hmmm.... I am very impressed Pseudo.
    Here is a link to a page that has all of those COLLEGE LEVEL video lectures, plus a few more:
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    Looks like you are wrong Pseudo.
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    :\ That was too long of a post to prove I got "owned", but OK dude.
    And I don't think I'm too far off, the stuff on there isn't of too high of a level that I would be surprised nobody has taken it in high school.

    Nothing000: Hmm.. I didn't know there were that many lecture videos... last I checked I only found Chemistry, Biology, Linear Algebra, Physics (Mech., Electromagnetism...) and Diff Eq.... half of whose material is normally covered in high school. (Or atleast in ours)

    When I checked, I didn't see:
    "Mathematical Methods for engineers
    Nano-Macro Transport Process
    Physics of Microfabrication
    Atomistic Computer Modelling of Materials"
    So, apologies. ;)
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    Remember we don't all live in america, I live in england and have done some of that in A-level maths (last two years of high school).
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    That was very noble of you to admit to nothing000 that you were wrong. I apologize for saying that you were wrong.
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    No problem-- either a mod edited your post or you came to your senses. ;)
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    Geez.... Josh, chill out man.
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    But that is pretty cool that they are offering so many classes know. I think that within like 5 years they are trying to have most of their classes free over the internet. I think that MIT's OCW project is one of the biggest steps forward in education that I have seen in my lifetime. I am watching a lecture on electronics right now. Verry cool.
  21. Feb 1, 2006 #20

    A-level maths is a lot harder than american HS maths in my opinion. I came from a british colony and i was education for the CE and AL system. Then i came to america for university. Now, i have done most of my undergrad maths and look at the AL past paper.........I am in shame that i have no clue how to do those problems at first.
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