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About our time

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    EVERY one are saying now that the age of companies vs workers are ended and now is the age of companies vs governments and its name is the age of knowledge

    workers = scientist , engineers , mangers , clerks ,....etc

    i wasn't thinking that the age of knowledge will ring with him the death of the following concept " the important human resource " and " the loyalty of the human force "

    i need to hear your idea

    thank you all
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    The age of "companies vs workers" was always just a Marxist delusion. Those of us who oppose restricting economic liberty certainly aren't against "workers", that's just ad hominem attacks used to stir up hatred and avoid honest debate.
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    thanx this was an important point of view
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    but dont you saw that human factor are losing its important by the time
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    this was the main idea not the Marxist delusion
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    What "human factor"? I don't know if English is your native language, but your posts are very hard to read/understand. Your writing style does not result in coherent thoughts being conveyed.
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