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About output characterstics of a npn transistor in CE configuration

  1. Jul 24, 2014 #1
    Q1.when transistor[NPN transistor in CE configuration] is in saturated state ,then,in output characteristic curve on increasing voltage across collector -emitter,the current in the output circuit increases linearly but my confusion is that we know that in saturation state transistor's base -collector junction is forward biased ; on increasing collector emitter voltage there is no effect on base-emitter voltage but it increases voltage across base collector such that it opposes the forward bias condition so, according to my view it should decrease the current in the output circuit.

    Q2.when transistor is in cut off state , the input voltage is zero and in output characteristic
    curve it is shown that current in the output circuit should also be zero whatever the value of collector base voltage;but according to my view due to low potential at input circuit and high at output circuit the current should flow from input circuit to output through collector base junction in reverse bias condition and there should be a current in output circuit.

    Q3.why in active state of transistor output current for a fixed value of collector emitter voltage,increases on increasing current in input circuit?
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