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About pi-N scattering

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    Pi-N scattering is useful for research on neucleon resonance.But pi meson is not stable,how could it be controled to collide with a neucleon?

    While,virtual photon is also used to excite neucleon,it is internal line particle,which is determined by a reaction,so how hard could it be controled accurately?
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    Sorry ,there is some error in my operation,I want to delate one of them.
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    Pi-N scattering in which experiment?
    For example you can get pi-N scattering by placing some "target" near the creation of the pion.... (in fact a relativistic charged pion=momenta over some ##m_\pi##'s, can travel for some meters before decaying. A momentum p~1GeV~10##m_\pi## would bring the pion to travel for about L~80meters before decaying)
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    I happened to ask for a confirmation (which I got) yesterday about the formula I had deduced for a similar scenario:
    in that formula you could solve for [itex]l_{lab}[/itex] instead of momentum (you can try different momenta [itex]p[/itex]) and [itex]m[/itex] the mass of the pion. The lifetime is given in Vanshee's post above.
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