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About quantization .

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    What is your thought s about quantization and discontinuity in physics.......is possible?......if yes then How?
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    There is no evidence that either space or time are quantized. I believe that it is unknown whether or not it is POSSIBLE that either could be quantized.
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    Thanks for give your thoughts
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    There are two meanings of "quantized".

    In old quantum theory and popular language, quantization means discreteness. This sort of discreteness is found in the energy levels of the hydrogen atom, and you can see it by the distinct lines in the spectrum of hydrogen. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Balmer_series

    In quantum theory, quantization means making a quantum theory that can be well approximated by a classical theory in some regime. In this sense of the word, a quantum theory has essentially nothing to do with discreteness. Rather a quantum theory is defined as a theory that includes postulates such as states being rays in a vector space, and the probability of outcomes being given by the Born rule.
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